Post Operation Transformation

Hey all, sometimes I have to pinch myself as to how far I have come since being on OT last year. But after the TV crew roll out of town it’s up to you to continue to push on and that’s exactly what I have done.

I train seriously hard in the gym (often twice a day) 5 days a week, I eat clean and watch what I put into my body. It doesn’t come automatically sometimes, I have to stay focused and really concentrate on achieving short term achievable goals.

I started this journey at 27 stone, bullied and feeling really crap about myself. Today, I am only a shadow of my former self – in some respects I don’t even know the old Alan anymore.

Today I am 19 stone 5 pounds and happy about myself. But I am continually focused on achieving my ultimate goal of reaching 16 stone. I will get to 16 stone at some stage in 2016 – nothing is going to stop me.

The moral of the story here is, if you want something so bad nothing will get in your way of achieving it. If you feel crap about yourself – you have the control to change that, only YOU can flick that switch. Be happy, be healthy and live your life!

Life to me has changed, I appreciate and have respect for it now. You have the ability to feel the exact same way I feel now, if you want. But you need to want it so much you’ll knock walls to get to it.

My journey continues, why don’t you join me in achieving your personal goal?